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Khagam – Satyajit Ray

One of the scary stories written by Satyajit Ray, Khagam is certainly one of the most spine-chilling. The story starts innocuously enough, with the narrator coming across a fellow Bangalee gentlemen while traveling in a remote part of India. After hearing from the locals about a supposed ascetic and his pet snake, the two decide to pay a visit, the narrator to satisfy his curiosity, and the acquaintance to solidify his doubt. The visit goes much to the latter’s satisfaction, but that night, things take a terrifyingly supernatural turn, leaving the narrator – and us – astonished and terrified.

Septopus er Khide (Hunger of the Septopus) Another story by Ray – The story begins with the unexpected arrival of an acquaintance at the house of the narrator. The distressed man, a botanist whom the narrator had met during a hunting trip in Assam ten years earlier, requests the latter to go to his place, and to bring a gun, just in case.

#Brihachchanchu is a gripping story by Satyajit Ray about a strange creature that is adopted as a pet by a stoic but sharp Kolkatan, it holds something for even those who are averse to science. If you are at the other end of the spectrum, and know a little paleontology, here is one word for you:Andalgalornis

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