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Satyajit Ray Movie Poster by Saikat Sarkar

I am Saikat Sarkar, from Uttarpara, West Bengal, India. Since my childhood, I am fond of drawing. I apprehended the actual meaning of art, as I became matured. My schooling was from Bhadrakali High School and I'm student of Srerampore college with history hons.  Well, to be honest, I had more interest in art than study. I had done B.V.A from Martin Lucher Christian University. 

I had exibited my work two times in Academy of Fine Arts as "Group Exhibition" in the year '15 & '17. I possess a great interest in illustration, caricature, photography & creative art work. My dream is to become an applied artist and that's why, everyday I chase behind my dream. I respect and love my job very much and constantly try out innovative experimentations with my creativity.

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